Lonnetta Albright

Chief Vision Officer, Forward Movement Inc. and Executive Director, JMT

Lonnetta Albright, is one of the most dynamic and transformative speakers, facilitators and coaches working nationally and internationally (Africa, the Caribbean, and South America) adding value to and changing the lives of thousands. She is particularly focused on developing those she fondly calls the Next Generation.   She is clear that her passion is working with and growing new leaders, new thinkers; and also women — helping them to find their way, face their fears, hold onto and build upon their dreams to transform their lives. Her approaches and strategies are not just about personal and professional development – she helps her clients get results!   Her expertise lies not only in connecting with clients and audiences; but also her ability to take complex ideas and concepts, breaking them down into practical and thought-provoking blocks and presenting that very same information in an exciting, learnable and inspirational way.

As President and Owner of Forward Movement Inc. a minority and female-owned company she offers Executive and Life Coaching for individuals and organizations; Personal and Professional growth; Organizational and Leadership development; Speaking, Consulting and Facilitation. As a certified personal and executive coach, she is an Independent Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team.  As a life-long learner who understands the value in “growing self first”, her interest in positive psychology, human behavior, strength-based approaches, behavioral and public health; and the science that supports them all has not only increased her own understanding but means her clients and audiences experience meaningful and real changes that shift their mindsets and behavior in ways that can be applied immediately.



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